Join Our Board! 

Q & A
Thanks for entertaining the possibility of joining our board of directors. If you'd like to learn more, we encourage you to contact our President, Amber Ortiz Houghton. But here are some of the most common questions we get asked:

What does a Director do?
A director's role is to guide, develop and oversee the operation of YES by

  • setting organizational goals and objectives based on our mission and vision
  • creating and overseeing the implementation of policies and procedures
  • monitoring the financial health of the organization
  • hire, evaluate and oversee the executive director and other personnel as needed
How is the Board structured?
The Board is comprised of a minimum of three and a maximum of eleven directors. New directors serve a one-year term and thereafter may be elected to serve additional terms of up to two years. The Board has three officers: a president, a treasurer, and a secretary. Officers are nominated and elected by the Board for one-year terms. Officers may serve consecutive one-year terms provided they are nominated and elected for each term.

How is a Director selected and elected?
Directors are nominated and elected by YES members at our annual meeting. Members are people involved in our work as alumni, staff, volunteers, donors, partner agency personnel, and directors. At the annual meeting, candidates introduce themselves and field any questions members may ask. A majority vote by show of hands decides elections. If there are vacancies on the board between annual meetings, candidates may be appointed to join the board by the then current directors, provided the candidate attends a board meeting prior to the vote that decides their appointment.

What skills does the Board seek in a candidate?
We strive to function as a close-knit team where each member contributes their unique

  • understanding of the issues of concern to those we serve;
  • familiarity with the communities in the region;
  • knowledge of the business, employment and financial planning topics we teach and practice; and
  • experience with board and community service, organizational development, and fundraising.

Are Directors protected from liability?
Directors are protected by our Commonwealth of Massachusetts non-profit corporate charter and by our liability insurance policies. Additional protection is afforded by requiring all YES staff, contractors and adult volunteers (including directors) to undergo CORI and SORI background checks prior to service.

Are there Director dues?
No. But we encourage directors to demonstrate a good example by contributing to our annual appeal and to our annual United Way internal campaign.

When does the Board meet?
The Board meets quarterly or more often as needed. Regular attendance is expected, as each director's input contributes to our ability to make good decisions.

Where does the Board meet?
The Board meets at YES, 26 South Main Street Orange, MA and sometimes at other locations. Directions

Next Steps?
1) Contact our CEO, Tim Cohen-Mitchell, at 978-544-1869 or tim at yes-inc dot org and/or...

2) Complete an online interest form.

3) We'll contact you to invite you to our next Board meeting so we can become better acquainted. (You are also welcome to make an exploratory visit to YES in the interim).

4) If you decide that you'd like to join the board, you will be invited to attend the annual meeting or the next scheduled board meeting where a vote on your candidacy will take place.

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